Timeshare in India

Timeshare made its first entry in India a little over thirty years ago with a concept of "buy future holidays at today’s price" & it was a great attraction in those days because people felt in one-time purchase give them free holidays every year.

The industry here has been growing in between 18-20 percent year-on-year over the last five years.There is a visible increase in number of membership sign ups, because vacation seekers are entering in timeshare market in a big way which is a indication of changing trends. Through timeshare, Indians are considering newer holiday experiences, and are no longer narrowing options to popular or main stream destinations. In fact, destinations off the beaten track rank high on the search list of timeshare customers. This trend has encouraged developers to identify and discover newer locations where projects could be developed. Today timeshare delivers on its promise by helping create memorable vacation experiences year after year. Now for giving more flexibility to the members maximum Timeshare companies are having  affiliation with an exchange company such as RCI, DAE, others

Timeshare in India is clearly a front runner in the travel and hospitality industry. Looking at a share in the pie, the timeshare resort base has grown by over 50% over the last few years. We are seeing families subscribing to timeshare with very aggressive manner and the estimated market exceeds 3.5 million. Now in many desi flavors Over the years, we have seen many international product concepts being adapted to Indian markets and customer preferences. Timeshare is another example of how a whole new vacation format successful in Europe and America, gave vacation seekers in India something exciting to look forward to. In fact, timeshare has visibly changed colours to suit Indian conditions, transforming habits and vacation patterns in the country.

Timeshare converted the reluctant Indian stereo type who would look at holidays as an intrusion into workspace. It also convinced him through logical dialogued about investing upfront in a concept that gave him a vacation plan, for 25 years or more. Something that was unheard of before for the average Indian prospect who has always been cautious, circumspect and play safe. On the other hand, the younger set of customers these days don’t think twice about "paying now, holiday year after year".Timeshare has also blended into the Indian cultural landscape - embracing Centre of pilgrimage, historic and heritage sites and other locations of unique tourist interest - such as backwater holidays, plantation visits, traditional ayurvedic health farms, and other outdoor experiences that are unique to the geography and landscapes of India. Timeshare is now part of this picture.

Along with orienting a fast-growing customer base, timeshare has also appealed to businesses already in the hospitality business, and entrepreneurs who are interested in looking at a timeshare resort, from scratch. So, on the one had you have existing players looking at mixed use or extending the product pie; on the other you have startups looking at timeshare as a viable new business opportunity. With timeshare taking root in the hospitality industry and showing encouraging signs of growth, it was a matter of time before large, international exchange companies set up base in India – to network with Indian timeshare companies and place India on the world map. This was a major step forward - giving timeshare owners in the country an opportunity to experience timeshare in other parts of the world, and give the international traveler a window to the myriad holiday experiences in India