Internal Exchange

Exchange our holiday week from our base resort to any other location is great which helps us to cover maximum tourist destination in our tenure. As we know, to exchange our holiday we have to enroll with any exchange company like RCI, DAE or others. We are also giving 1 to 3 years RCI membership free of cost in our 10 & 25 years membership plan that you can renew your membership year after year by paying renewal fee to exchange our we have to submit our week and pay exchange fee to complete the exchange.

Today most of the big brand of hotel industry introducing their own internal exchange club to provide exchange to their members on very nominal changes or free of cost in their short term memberships plan because it is very hard to give RCI membership in short term membership cost. Greenland Leisure Club also offers more then 60+ barter exchange hotel/resort in India that member can use on very discountable rates or free of cost in 5 years membership which is depends on membership type and availably.

We cover maximum tourist location in India that you can use in your five years membership along with Ramada Gurgaon Central Hotel.