About Timeshare


Tourism is a travel for pleasure, recreation & leisure purposes. It is a temporary, short-term movement of people to destination outside from the places where they normally live and work. It includes movements for all purposes like pilgrimage, education, yoga, medical, conferences etc. Indian Government starts promoting tourism in so many ways & taking prompt decision in fever of tourism promotion. Timeshare industry is again a nice way to promote tourism in India on very large scale as we seen in last ten years Timeshare play a major role in tourism Industry.



“A group of people who share the purchase cost of their holiday accommodation, against of one week (or more) per year of use, thus they guaranteeing the use that accommodation during the period of time chosen, either for life time or for a specified number of years. It is also known as “Holiday ownership” or Holiday Membership. Membership offer families upscale resorts/hotels and cherished memories at affordable prices.”

Today’s timeshare is about flexibility, choice and comfort. It is a smarter way to holiday more often means freedom to choose where, when, how long you want to spend quality time with family and friends & build memories which never last for a lifetime. But we need to understand holiday membership is not a financial investment…it is a part of our lifestyle. Now timeshare is upgraded himself from nights system to point programs. In point programs resorts annually give to the member (or the owner) an amount of points equal to the level of membership. The member in a point program can use these points to make travel arrangements within the resort group. 

The concept of timeshare (Holiday membership) originated in the 60’s. Over the years, it has become a popular vacation format & first option for a wide range of customer profiles. Today’s leisure travelers have a wide range of timeshare destinations to choose in the country and across the globe. More than 16 million households own vacation interval products at 5,316 resorts, in over 120 countries. People turning to holiday membership as per their preferred option for holidays. If we talks about figures, timeshare is the fastest growing segment in a travel industry. It is constantly looking for innovative products and newer horizons. There are nearly 500,000 timeshare units with an average resort size of 94.



Timeshare industry over the last 25 years has evolved from fixed weeks to floating weeks and now Points programs. Owning timeshare usually means a unit is subdivided into 52 weeks of time and usually sold to a maximum of 52 owners. Each owner would own 1/52 part of the unit. Each share represents one week of vacation. In timeshare membership two costs are involved. One-time purchase price & Yearly maintenance fees. Purchase price depends 1) how many weeks required, 2) which season required, 3) family size. Yearly maintenance fees are paid every year to a management for the maintenance of the resort help maintain the quality and future value of the property. Maintenance fees are utilize unit upkeep, refurbishing, amenities, such as pools, tennis courts, golf courses and resort's common areas. The amount of the yearly  maintenance fee typically depends on the size, location, and amenities of the resort. Maintenance fees are assessed and paid annually by each vacation owner.



Points - With Points you have the flexibility to choose how many days you want to stay or where you want to stay.

Real Estate Asset – Timeshares is like a real estate such that membership can be sold, rented or willed for rights to use.

Flexibility - Timeshare is exchangeable to almost 4,000 destinations across the globe and over 8000 hotels worldwide.

Memories - Family vacations strengthen family bonds while creating a lifetime of memories.

Great Vacation Value - Timeshare allows you to lock in future vacations with today’s cost.

Comforts of home - Truly a home away from home vacation ownership provides the space and flexibility to suit the needs of any size family



  • Holiday membership is a smarter way to holiday more often.
  • Freedom to choose where, when, how often and how long you want to holiday.
  • Tomorrow’s holiday are paid for today.
  • Built memories which never last for a lifetime.
  • Enjoy a resort/hotel, year after year, for the lifetime of their membership with only a one-time purchase price and payment of yearly maintenance fee.
  • Timeshare membership offers vacationers an opportunity to save on the escalating cost of vacation accommodations over the long term while enjoying all the comforts of home in a resort setting
  • The hotel/resorts are staffed with well-trained hospitality professionals, with many hotel/resorts offering concierge services for assistance with visiting area attractions.
  • Timeshare purchase is a significant commitment, not only financially, but also in terms of future vacations.
  • Consider your vacation ownership purchase as an investment for future vacations, not in terms of an investment for financial profit.



Timeshare Membership offers unparalleled flexibility and the opportunity for affordable worldwide travel through Timeshare Exchange Network. Most of the hotels/resorts are affiliated with an exchange company or they have their own exchange network for their members. The two most popular brands are RCI with more than 4500+ affiliated resorts in 100+ countries & DAE with more than 2700+ affiliated resorts worldwide.

Typically, the exchange company will offer their membership through base hotel/resorts. A person can become a members of the exchange company which is affiliated with their base hotel/resort. To exchange his holiday, the member have to places his own holiday week into the exchange company's pool and then the weeks available for exchange. The exchange companies charge an exchange fee to complete an exchange. Exchange companies and resorts frequently offer their members the additional benefit of saving or banking vacation time in a reserve program for use in a different year.